Homeowner Testimonials

Hear From Our Happy Homeowners!

You are an excellent example of a genuine person. I really appreciate your honest approach to building dream homes.

John E.

We appreciate you for your kind gentle nature, as well as your encouragement, skills, and professionalism with our new home. You're not just a builder, you're our dream maker.

Sandy E.

We appreciate all that you have done in building our new home. We know you went above and beyond expectations. Your building process and team is exceptional, creating a very positive experience for us and resulted in a quality home. Know we will enjoy the opportunity to recommend you to anyone looking to build one of your homes.

Wayne and Velma S.

Thank you very much for building beautiful Casa Maria - From the design phase through "the final items that needed to be completed" list. Everything was finished before Thanksgiving so I was able to show off my new home to my guests. I am proud of the quality of workmanship shown throughout. I'm glad I trusted in your reputation to provide what you said you would! Thank you!

Mary A.

I do not know where to begin. We love this house and you have been on top of everything. Thanks for fixing the different needs that we had. You're a blessing in our lives. I thank you times 100,000.

Dawne Z.

Thank you! It doesn't seem enough to say, but it says it all. Thank you for our forever home.

Joe and Diane H.

Your help is a reflection of the highest ethical standards. If such standards were found throughout the business community, the country would benefit greatly. We wish you prosperity and again thank you for your help

Phil and Joan Z.

Thank you for the your kindness and patience throughout the building and closing. You helped what could have been a stressful process into a seamless one. We cannot believe how well everything fell into place and what a beautiful home we now have.

Realtor and A.

It's hard to believe, but we've been in the house for a month now! It feels like home and we love it! Thanks to you and your team for building such a beautiful home for us.

Dennis and Mary M.

I am so very impressed! You are truly and honorable man who stands behind his product. I will be singing your praises to the rooftops! You are a gentleman in addition to being an excellent builder.

Rebecca C.

I wanted to pass along some good news about our new home. Our utilities are so much cheaper than I had expected. Our first electricity bill was $61. I had a home that was almost a thousand square feet smaller, in Kansas, and my electricity bill averaged about $75 during the "winter" months. Our gas bill was about $90 and in Kansas we averaged about that, once again, in a much smaller home. Thanks for everything.

Steve G.

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